Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Ahh reminisce the chemical brothers as I push that button.
I phoned to chase up the subframe today...
OMG, to cut a long story short, it'll be a few weeks yet.

So as a distraction I've been looking at hoodrides and thinking about treating the camper.
I've been driving it to work each day and have fallen in love with it again.
It’s a bit tatty looking and steers like shooting a movie.
Maybe that’s why I can’t help but smile when I drive it. Or maybe it’s the queue of cars on my bumper, ahh makes a change!.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Two weeks into an approximate 4 week leadtime for the galvanized subframe from Pilgrim, I'm
itching to get my car back together, but there aren't many jobs I can do until the subframe arrives.

The brake fluid bowl is attached through the body so I cant blead the brakes yet.

I had not done anything to protect the steering wheel since getting the car 8 years ago, so it had become very dry looking as the varnish had worn off long ago.

After sanding and polishing followed by a few coats of clear varnish and another light sand, it looks loads better.