Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Dukes of Hazzard

I'm getting a bit bored of putting the doors on and off....

However, at least now they open/close (with some carefull effort)..

I can see the issue now, the hinges arent reaching their closed position.

My 'accurate' measurements were taken assuming the hinges closed.With a cardboard box for support, its a fiddly job getting the doors on and off, yet I'll need to get the hinge spacers reduced again! I was wondering if Dukes of Hazzard entry/entrance is allowed for the MOT?.

The brakes need another bleed too 8(

I'd hoped to fit a retracting seatbelt on the passenger side instead of a static belt, but the subframe is recessed from the body, so it wouldnt fit correctly. Thats put an MOT off till I get a static belt for the passenger seat.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Rain rain go away

For the first time in months, Im able to drive in and out of the garage instead of needing to push.
The ignition problem was another corroded wire - a few inches passed the accessible point I was testing its current.

My measurements for the door hinge spacers were a few mm over, however I was then
able to offer the doors up to get an accurate measurement. Now they are off being reduced about 4mm each. I should have them back on next week...
Once the doors are on, I should be ready for an MOT.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

The JB Weld worked a treat, albeit 7 hours later (though the weather was cool) the wipers are working again.

I needed to make a new earth for the license plate/reverse lights as it had rusted beyond use and replace a couple of bulbs,

also the front indicator wires had corroded beyond their ability to transfer electricity.

The earth to the front beam was also rubbish - but only myself to blame from replacing the front beam about 6 years ago. This time I drilled and tapped a hole in the beam to insert a stubby screw and have a proper earth - instead of washers and electrical tape!
I had expected to just reconnect the wiring loom where I had cut it and everything work OK.
Well with the exception of the horn, and a suspected weak battery preventing it from trying to start, everything else works now.

I suspect the body (with wiring attached) being sat on the ground through some rain and snow for several months was enough for the rust to take over.

Refitting the petrol tank was a very tight fit, I think I should have routed the speedo cable a little lower to have avoided it completely, but all seems fine, and I was pleased to see the fuel gauge work when I reconnected it.
Still waiting for the spacers and the repaired door hinge before I can put the doors on, not that ive been putting it off /grin.