Monday, 29 December 2008

A New Year is about to begin, and my car is still a long way from completion...

When I was taking it apart, I was anticipating it being back together within a couple of months. LOL. My motivation dropped after getting the body back in the garage. It should have had the reverse affect, yet the weathers been cold.

Santa Claus managed to get a new drill and accessories down the chimney this year, so with a few spare days off work I couldn’t relax for the guilt of not making progress on my car.

I finally went back in the garage after five weeks and cut the loom in order to thread it through the subframe, I will worry about getting a multiplug later.

With the wiring loom out the way, I could lower the very tight fitting body further down... but not to its resting position yet as the main bar across the front is going to collide with the fibreglass inner body.

About an inch needs to be removed across the width of my car 8-(.

On the old chesil subframe, this bar was bolted in place so could be removed. However, the pilgrim design is welded in place and uses a different inner tray under the bonnet.

I managed to break all the ‘thin biscuit like’ cutting discs I had for the dremmel when I cut out the footwell previously, I’m not sure what they were meant for cutting?. So I will go and buy a proper cutting disc and get on the case tomorrow, and take some photos!!

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