Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Once the body was off I made a start on the subframe, all the bolts to the floorpan were a pain but eventually came off in pieces. The bolts to the rear suspension were the worst bolts so far, only one came out in tact easily, the other 3 I had to drill out almost completly, and will need to retap the existing threads before putting it back together. Ive found the size on is M10X1.5 and ive found a place to buy a tap. I read a suggestion to hacksaw an old bolt to use as a tap, but i think I'd lose a finger or two in an effort to save £8.

Now the subframe is removed Ive been able to start preparing the floor for paint, it's worse than I'd thought though, it takes my weight but has the sound of rotten metal in a couple of places. Ill need to replace the floor boards.

I've no welding equiptment and I've never tried welding, I know a man who can but has no kit. Depending how much it'll cost to replace the floorboards, it may make more sense to buy a welding machine and get a lesson or two - especially as we have a 1965 vw camper that needs restoring at some point.

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