Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Rust Busting...

The stainless steel chesil exhaust I've got is a pain in de arse, design - the rear silencer needs to be removed to remove the engine, or to lift the body off.

Typically the three bolts holding the rear silencer were rusted solid, grinding and a hacksaw saw to them. I cant help thinking of the A-Team when the sparks are flying.
To be precautious I jacked the body at the back for support because the exhaust had been taking its weight since the subframe collapsed.
I also jacked the front, eased up the sides and supported them with some bits of wood, the drivers side felt like it could lift straight off, but the passenger side was really tight after a couple of inches. I'll be a bit braver once I've removed the windscreen, the windscreen pillar bolts have rusted solid and they are inaccessible to my tools other than an impossible looking few degrees with a spanner at finger tips best. I've ordered some rust buster from Frosts and hope it does what it implies.
After having spent the evening grinding & car jacking, I then relaxed? with a blast on GTA IV.

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