Monday, 13 October 2008

Many Hands make Light work

Well it's sad to say Pilgrim have gone into receivership from what I understand, I found some links on the cobra forums confirming my thoughts.
So I've sourced another subframe which I think is a pilgrim or the same style at least, it's certainly not a chesil though as it doesn't have heating going through the sills. I will need to fabricate something to get the heat into the interior.
A big thanks to Frank Hand Galvanisers who are hot dipping it for me. They were very helpful and very quick turn around. Though I will want a black finish on the viewable areas I couldn't do without the corrosion resistance.

I should also be receiving the other headlight ring this week from Karman Konnection, they only had one in stock when I ordered. It's the tripple plated chrome ones. Ive been through three sets of cheap chrome rings overs the eight years of ownership. These ones will hopefully last 20 years plus.

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