Sunday, 22 March 2009

Transplant completed, patient in coma...

Whilst awaiting some new spacers for the door hinges (one of which is bent and needs to be repaired), I reconnected the cut wiring loom and managed to break the wiper mechanism (by activating the wipers with the mechanism obstructed by the windscreen stem! should have reconnected that ages ago!).

I still need to check through the wiring as theres a bad earth, I thought I had found it being the headlight connections corroded, but its just moved the problem. I spose I could do with a chesil wiring diagram as John Muir (Idiots Guide) doesnt have an immobiliser!

As far as the subframes concerned, the transplant is complete and was a success. In hind sight, using another makers subframe on a finished car is just not advisable. The main bodies may come from the same moulds, but there is alot of inner body fibreglassing to mount it to the subframe. I got lucky with the engine bay frame fitting, but that was about it....

Some of the subframe transplant issues:

cutting out the front fibreglass footwell from chesil inner body
the subframes footwell is longer as the steering column outer doesnt reach - needs sorting yet
cutting a couple of inches off each rear bumper arms from the subframe
replace subframes front bar for thinner chesil bar as it was obstructing everything behind dash
cut rear subframes catch support as it sat too high and stopped lid closing
cut bodies rear seat area as subframe support at rear was obstructing - again as if im trying to lower it too much, if anything it should be lower still.
Heres an update on the Chesil subframe, powder coated in 1994, rusted from the inside out and collapsing after 14 years:

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