Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Day two

Really this is just evening two, having only spent two hours last night I only managed an hour and a half this evening.
Things started well, the remainder of the interior has been stripped and the wooden floorboards removed... find a massive puddle on the passenger side floor!!. Fortunately the floor is still solid and can be saved. That puddles probably been in the car since the first time the car got caught in the rain after I bought it.

The drivers side was surprisingly bone dry, but it has had a big hole in the subframe the last couple of weeks to let any water out and air in I suppose.

I did plan on taking the hood frame off but the bolts are rusted tight so I'll need to grind them off, I left it too late this evening to be making noise, so will tackle that when I get in from work tomorrow.
So I began taking a door off to find that the bottom hinge screws are also rusted, I daren't look at the passenger side. Ill need to get the car out of the single garage to have a better try with the door wide open and maybe an impact wrench, but it started raining - sods law. An excuse to go indoors to get the camera - woo France vs. Italy on TV. Ahh well there's always tomorrow!

On the plus side of progress, if weather permits at the weekend I'm planning to finally see a pilgrim speedster up close (thanks to Kevin Pearl).

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