Friday, 20 June 2008

Removing the roof...

Removed the roof and it started raining again so the doors can wait for now, I'm in no urgency and don't want working on my car to become a chore. I've got about 20 litres of fuel to siphon out before I remove the petrol tank and then the steering column is easy access. I reckon the petrol was only 1.12 a litre when it was purchased so I've made a killing ;-).Whilst feeling rich from my fuel storage profit I quickly ordered the stuff to treat the vw chassis.

I opted for marine clean, metal prep, POR-15 and Black Chassis paint from Frosts, I'm only wanting to do this once and several VW restorations I've seen online have gone this route with their beetles.

I finally saw the Dream Machines episode where they build a Pilgrim Speedster, 5 blokes lifted the subframe onto the chassis - looks like Ill need to get some beers in unless they all just wanted to get in the shot in case they were otherwise edited out.

I cant believe some of the questions I was asking now - like whether to leave the doors hood and engine lid on when removing the body/subframe. The doors must come off to remove the body as they bolt through it, but from the look of things the hood and engine lid are just attached to the body, same as the window wiper motor so Ill leave them there if I can.The windscreen comes off easy enough and must come off, not only to reduce weight for the lift but its safer where it is for now.

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