Monday, 30 June 2008

Removing the Doors...

Pushed the car out of the garage ready to tackle the doors.

Well the impact screw driver was crap (and none of that bad workman
blames his tools!). So I've ended up having to drill out the stubborn screws on the bottom hinges, both to the doors and to the door pillars, 12 in all.

Several broken drill bit later, the doors are off!
What could have taken 20 minutes, took 3 hours - plus interruptions and tea breaks six hours had passed.

I'd hoped the body would feel loose from the subframe with the doors off, but its still solid at the front. More pop rivets to find or more probably the sealant has remained effective on the none rusty front end.

Having only undone two bolts to the body in the engine bay, and removed some sealant with a Stanley blade, the back end feels like its ready to lift off.

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